A hidden gem in one of the most picturesque villages in the Midlands

Picture having saying your vows and having your dream wedding in a 18th century country mansion where old fashioned luxury meets modern touch , surrounded by 39 acres as you commit your life in the most sacred covenant to the love of your life.

Take a glimpse at Ombersley Court ,it was built by Francis Smith of Warwick for the first Lord Sandys in 1724-32, and remained in the family for nearly 300 years unseen by the British public. After the passing the Late Lord Sandy's, Tim Hopkins purchased the property and after three centuries he has opened the doors of Ombersley Court for elegant fine art curated weddings.

As you step inside Ombersley Court the double-height great hall designed by Smith of Warwick captivates your eye, the stucco ceiling filled with spectacular baroque and regency interiors is worthy of a royal wedding, with two regency baroque fireplaces, filled with english baroque leaves you in awe and invites you for a romantic slow dance.An elegant spring filled tables cape in peach hues and rich gold tones was adorned with the soft candle glow in front of the glorious regency baroque fireplace exuding beauty and charm as the gentle sweet scent of Icelandic poppies, Lisianthus Rosita and garden rose flourished as emotions filled the day.

The regency library filled with special treasures from mid-18th century book collection to Sandys family bible dated 1574 that belonged to Archbishop Sandys, Elizabethan Archbishop of York, with it's panoramic views designed by the landscape designer and architect John Webb , and beautiful light flowing from the grand windows , created an ethereal and romantic atmosphere for the newlywed portraits.I am still reminiscing this glamorous day when the couple joyfully celebrated their union in 19th century elegant portico.